The Fratelli Rizzi Company was born at the end of the 19th century in Premana, a small mountain town located between Valtellina and Valsassina. The existence, in the valleys around the town, of iron-rich mines, has meant that Premana has been able, for several centuries, to combine traditional mountain production activities such as agriculture and livestock, with a thriving artisan economy, dedicated to production of cutting articles. The Fratelli Rizzi company is part of this particular production reality, a flexible and competitive company that, combining the typical characteristics of craftsmanship with the continuous search for new technologies, and is synonymous with quality in the production of professional cutting cutlery.

By our choice, our production site continues to be in Premana and from here, over the years, we have enriched the product range with various cutlery lines dedicated to meat processing and to all cutting needs in the preparation and processing of food. In collaboration with chefs and professionals we continue our research to provide the right products in terms of functionality and design.

In recent years we have enriched our offer with a complete range of products for sharpening and caring for knives



In 2012, after about 50 years of experience in the cutlery sector, the Fratelli Rizzi snc company decided to offer its professional cutlery lines under the name of Maglionero. The numerous collaborations with the best Italian and European operators in the professional cutlery sector trigger the need to create a brand that identifies and certifies products made in Fratelli Rizzi.

The logo was born from the idea of representing and revealing the nature of the product itself.

Maglio (Mallet): expression of forging and quality steels worked with determination and skill to obtain the best quality blades.

Nero (Black): as in the tradition, the skin of those who had dedicated their working day in the workshop to the hard work of producing blades of the most different shapes and sizes was shown.

Rizzi: like the family that has always found the expression of its work in this area. The simulation of the mountains: environment in which the company was born and in which it wants to continue to live with respect and complacency for all that it represents